5 Warning Signs That the Tiles at Your Home Need to Be Replaced

5 Warning Signs That the Tiles at Your Home Need to Be Replaced

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Flooring plays an important role in giving the final look and feel to a home. It is the flooring of the house that bears all those footfalls throughout their life. It so happens that they wear and tear with time. At times, they can be mended and brought back to life with some repairing work and at times the damage is truly beyond repair and the floors need replacement.

It is always better to get the perspective of a professional like Carreaux Metro tiles if your floor needs a replacement or a repair. But, here are some signs that signify the tiles in your home are due for replacement.

  1. If You See Significant Cracks: The tiles might develop cracks over a period of time and if they have too many or deep cracks, then you need to get them replaced. The cracks can lead to more cracks and they also become the breeding ground for mites and insects. As soon as you notice a significant number of cracks, start thinking of replacing the tiles or else you might end up with a larger predicament. 
  1. The Floors Sustain Water Damage: Tiled flooring is often water resistant, but if they are continuously exposed to it for extended periods of time then they can be damaged. At times, the water seepage reaches the subflooring resulting in damaging the upper layer of tiles on the flooring. If you find that the flooring of your house is soft, loose, water-stained, or you see rotting signs, it’s time to go for fresh flooring.
  1. Pet Damage: We love to have pets at home, but untrained house pets can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the home flooring. They might cause stains that get ingrained in the flooring causing serious havoc. If the damage is irreversible in nature, ignoring it will only cause rotting and other issues.
  1. If Your Flooring Is Severely Outdated: If your house was constructed long back, there is a high probability that the flooring will be out of date. Any amount of replacement of furnishings and stuff won’t do the trick. Replacing the old and outdated tiles with trendy tiles is the only way to uplift the look of the room or the house.
  1. Tiles Are Badly Stained: If the grout is badly stained and no tile cleaner is working, then you can’t do anything other than going for a replacement.

If you come across any of these warning signs, start searching for replacement options.

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