Are You Thinking About Having New Windows Installed?

Are You Thinking About Having New Windows Installed?

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Have the windows around your home seen better days? They may be old, and the paint may be flaking away. They might even be costing you extra money because they’re not sealing in the heat or the cool at various times during the year. The good news is that modern windows offer a lot of extra benefits, and they are also a cost effective way of transforming a home.

The Benefits of uPVC Windows

All windows used to be made of either aluminium or wood. They were great at the time, but modern uPVC windows offer many benefits. Here’s how a set of custom uPVC windows can transform your home and what features they offer:

  • Durability: Unlike wood and aluminium, uPVC windows are actually very durable. This is a chemically inert material that has been used in plumbing and underground pipes for many years. It has been proven to last for many decades, and uPVC window frames offer superior strength and durability. Unlike wooden frames, they won’t rot.
  • Won’t corrode: Just as they won’t rot, uPVC window frames won’t corrode either. This actually makes them a superior material for properties that are close to the coast where salt in the air often takes a great toll on paint and metal.
  • Thermal properties: Australia is a country that is facing significant effects due to climate change. One concern for many people in bushfire prone areas is how flammable their home may be. UPVC is a material that can actually withstand high temperatures without catching fire or melting. In this sense, it is also a thermally stable material and won’t conduct the heat from window panes, unlike aluminium or wood. In this sense, it is better for retaining more stable temperatures indoors.
  • Eco-friendly: While uPVC will last for many years, it’s also good to know that it can easily be recycled up to ten times and used for other products. In Australia, there is also a commitment to keeping uPVC out of landfill and to recycle it for use elsewhere.
  • No peeling or flaking: There’s nothing more unsightly than an old painted wooden window frame that has flaked and peeled. Modern uPVC window frames actually have colour pigments mixed into the material, so there is no need to paint them. This means that they won’t fade and they won’t peel and cause an unsightly look.

A Cost Effective Home Transformation

If it has been a while since you last look around at your windows, it might just be time to consider uPVC window frames. In fact, many people opt to have double glazed uPVC windows because double glazing is great at cutting down on noise and retaining both heat and cool in a home. This means less money spent on heating and cooling over the course of a year.

The other good news is that uPVC isn’t just for window frames. It can also be used for doors. In this sense, uPVC represents a superior option for anyone looking for a cost effective home upgrade.

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