Basement Finishing Projects with Waterproof Problems

Basement Finishing Projects with Waterproof Problems

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After successful acquisition of new design plans, and after construction permits has been granted, basement renovation can start immediately. Before the commencement of any basement renovation, the basement must be checked for the presence of water and moisture. If they are present, appropriate measures should be taken to find a lasting solution to the problem. The presence of moisture can be perfectly and adequately tackled by enlisting the services of a professional basement finishing contractor. Groundwater table can cause water accumulation around the outside perimeter of your basement wall, thus resulting in hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is caused by a lot of factors

  • Poor drainage facilities
  • Clogged spouts and gutters in the house
  • Availability of a natural spring in the surrounding

These factors listed above are the most common factors that cause the accumulation of water in a basement. As soon as this problem is discovered and resolved, then there would be no accumulation of water in the basement. It is very difficult for water to penetrate pan-poured walls and concrete walls. However, masonry walls or block units are very permeable, and water finds it easy to penetrate it.

There is a major difference between water problem and moisture problem. Water problems are easily seen by homeowners, whenever they notice the presence of a water pool in their surroundings. The issue of unnecessary accumulation of water in the surrounding area, usually pose a great problem, and in such situations, the need for a waterproof system in your house can never be overemphasized. Water, as a result of its nature, will always find a way through weak points in an environment. this implies that even if you rarely have water in your basement, say every 3-5 years, it will always find its way back in again!

Therefore it is advisable, that you build an adequate waterproof system in your environment to forestall the problem of water stagnation in your house. Once the issue of water stagnation in your house is solved, basement finishing project can now begin. Presently, a lot of houses have footer drains constructed in the basement footer perimeter after construction. This brings about the need for sump pits placed in strategic locations in the corners of the unfinished basements. These pits always have a sump pit motor placed in them. However, a lot of house builders don’t take cognizance of the sump pit motor, which now brings about a lot of issues in the house in future. In such situations, house owners, have to pay much attention to the water accumulation issues in their environment and look for ways to fix it. Most, if not all, water accumulation problems in the basement can be adequately corrected as long as the main cause of the problem has been identified. Remember, only professional basement finishing contractors should be hired to handle the waterproof perimeter system. So find yourself pro to help keep your basement waterproofed before undertaking any project.

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