Check These 7 Tips For Painting Your Propane Tank!

Check These 7 Tips For Painting Your Propane Tank!

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Homeowners usually prefer to maintain the aesthetic value of their home interiors. Expectedly, a spare propane tank isn’t a great sight. The good news is you can paint your propane tank, and the bad news – there are many aspects to consider and many rules to follow. Below, we have listed down 7 tips for painting your propane tank.

  • Evaluate your tank. If you are painting an old gas tank that has been around for years, you might want to get it checked by a professional before taking the next step. Talk to your propane gas supplier to know more.
  • Select the right color. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has mentioned the standards for painting gas tanks. You are only allowed to use light colors, such as white, light gray or silver, because these shades reflect light, and thereby, the chances of gas expansion are minimized.

  • Other color options. In some states, pastel shades are allowed, but again, it is best to speak with your gas supplier first. Keep in mind that propane tank painting standards have been mandated by state and federal laws, and therefore, you don’t want to make a mistake.
  • Choose the right paint. There are paints that specifically designed for using on metal surfaces. Besides reflective properties, these paints also have rust inhibitors, which can prevent further rusting, and obviously, all the risks associated with it. You can check for further details.
  • Check for rust. Do NOT paint tanks that are extensively rusted, because rust can compromise with the structural integrity of the tank. Also, if there is mild rust on the tank, always remove the same using a sandpaper before using the paint.
  • Clean the tank. Ideally, you should your paint your tank when empty, and if there dirt and grease, use clean water and detergent to scrub the surface gently. Do NOT paint right away, unless the gas tank has dried completely.

  • Paint professionally. If you don’t want to paint certain parts of the tank for aesthetic reasons, you need to get some painter’s tape. Also, consider adding one or two coats of rust-inhibiting metal primer before using the paint, which will protect the tank from rust. If you are not happy with the color, you can use two to three coats of the selected paint to get the desired effect.

Check online to find more details on painting gas tanks, and for any confusion, call your gas supplier.

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