Five Factors that Go Into Planning a Flagship Store’s Design

Five Factors that Go Into Planning a Flagship Store’s Design

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As metropolitan areas reclaim popularity, more globally-scaled brands are making their flagship stores to showcase their offerings. Flagship stores offer a shopping function that makes them different from ordinary shops. They are designed to add more dimensions to a brand’s physicality. Their existence is made based on how the brand wants to be seen in the world.  Because of this, flagship stores are strategically designed to improve customers’ physical retail experience. When deciding the design, here are some important considerations.

Understand the Identity of the Brand

Brand owners should understand the positioning of their brand and the image they wish to convey to their customers. Do they have luxury or commercial offers? A lot of brands change their positioning and price point as they enter the retail market. However, flagship stores adopt the original visual identity along with factors like pricing.

Design Concept

In terms of the flagship store design, it is important to pick some strong characters from the brand which will reflect throughout the design of the store. This allows designers to make the right mood, emotions and compelling images that perfectly match the ambiance.

Digital Features

These days, brands can use digital features in designing their flagship stores. Integrating digital elements must provide something new and exciting to the shop. It should be focused on offering a new dimension to the customers’ shopping experience and communicating the brand’s message.

Floor Plan Layout

To come up with a compelling design that serves the purpose of the flagship store’s existence, it is necessary to consider the layout of the shop’s floor plan. Aside from the products the store will display, it is important to determine which of them will have larger visual areas. Also, the possibility of future changes in terms of the quantity of products the store will stock must be taken into account. The point here is to allocate the products correctly to the shop’s size for more customer traffic and maximum sales.


Although flagship stores from world-renowned brands might not have a problem with allocating budgets for their store’s design, setting a budget is always important to realize the plan. Budgeting should include considering the construction cost, the time the project needs to get completed and future changes.

Overall, creating the design of a flagship store can be overwhelming. It is imperative to work with a team of designers that understand every aspect of the brand.

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