The difference between architecture and urban design

The difference between architecture and urban design

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 It can be agreed that the main difference between architecture and urban design is scale. Urban design commonly refers to designing how a large area functions for the people that use it and ensuring that all of the structures and buildings easily flow together. Architecture, however, is about designing a building, no matter the size, and understanding how that building fits into the area it’s being build into.

It could be considered that the difference between the two practices is simply how you few a project, or, to a larger extent, the world around you. The scale only matters because it changes the definition of the problem and the information you use as a deciding factor. The larger the scale of a project, the less control you have over the finished product, and the more time you will need to ensure that the completed project functions and looks as it should.

In urban design, you mostly have control over public spaces. The actual finished product will probably not be the idea you originally started out with and may take several years to be completed. In architecture, you have control over most of the details within construction. Urban designers and architects may work together during some projects. While architects focus on designing buildings, urban planners design communities.

Both architects and urban designers have a part in influencing how a community looks, but the precise focus of their work varies in different. While architects design buildings, urban planners determine where buildings will go and how they can be used to benefit communities and their needs.

Architects and urban designers need to be familiar with building codes and land use regulations to ensure that their work remains compliant. While an architect may be focused on each of their building projects at a time, an urban designer may be considering a single project as well as several other projects that may or may not coincide with it. Architects focus on a specific client’s needs, while urban designers have to consider the needs of the community.

Typically, an urban designer has several responsibilities: Meeting with community members, addressing concerns, assessing any development proposals, reviewing relevant regulations that may affect how land can be developed, and assessing the long-term needs of an area.

On the other hand, an architect must: Meet with potential clients to discuss their project needs, proposing a budget for the project, drafting sketches, preparing blueprints, checking construction progress, and finalising construction contracts.

To conclude, the difference between urban design and architecture is the application of architecture. If architecture refers to community or society living, then it’s actually urban design. If it’s referring to a solitary structure or building that isn’t supposed to impact a community, then it’s architecture, rather than urban design. Both forms of construction are completely necessary to society, despite their different applications in the world. It’s not easy to define a construction project into either category, but it’s also not completely impossible. Regardless of the terminology used, both kinds of construction are needed.

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